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Deer and Doe Myosotis Dresses

Deer and Doe Myosotis Dresses

This is the third pattern from Deer and Doe patterns I have fallen in love with. I don’t say that lightly because in books when I make a pattern more than once, it only means that I really love it. And the Deer and Doe Myosotis dress was not any different I have sewed it up twice already with some few hacks here and there. I love both dresses I have made so far and I am not yet done with this pattern.

Pattern Description:

The Deer and Doe Myosotis dress pattern is an oversize shirt dress with inseam pockets. It comes in two versions; version A has sleeve ruffles and a tiered skirt and version B has plain sleeves and a gathered skirt.

Pattern Sizing:

This pattern comes in 10 sizes ranging from size 34 to 46 for Printed patterns and size 34 to 52 for PDF ones. I sewed up size 36 throughout.

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it?

Yes, it did look like the pattern envelope if I am not considering some alterations I made to the pattern.

Were the instructions easy to follow?

Oh yes, I can’t fault the Does and Doe instructions. They are well-written and hold your hand through out the construction process.

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?

The pattern is drafted to be quite short that I added two inches to the Version B dress to get to above my knees.

Fabric Used:

For this version B dress I made it out of Dashwood studio cotton poplin fabric which was given to me by Sew by the Sea Margate (a fabric store in Margate with an online store too).

For the second one, I hacked version A into a midi dress and I used a Lady McElroy cotton lawn fabric which I received from Minerva in exchange for a blog post.

Here is the link to the detailed blog post about the making of this dress I posted on the Minerva site.

Pattern alterations or any design changes you made:

  • I lengthened both bodice pieces by an inch which end up landing at my natural waistline.
  • I added ties to both dresses to cinch in the waist because the dress is meant to be loose around the waist.

I lengthened the version B this skirt piece by 2 inches to give it the length i was happy with.

For this version, the hacked midi dress, I used the lengthened Version B skirt to which I added the ruffle pattern piece which comes with the version A

Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others?

Of course yes. I would recommend this dress to a confident beginner who is comfortable with sewing buttonholes.


I love both these dresses and I am also happy that i hacked the pattern to create a midi dress version. I will be revisiting this pattern again sooner than later. Thank you for stopping by.

Deer and Doe Magnolia Dress Sewing Pattern Review

Deer and Doe Magnolia Dress Sewing Pattern Review

Happy New Year! It has been such a wonderful festive season and for a sewist, the perfect Christmas dress is the cherry on top. This gorgeous red Deer and Doe Magnolia dress was the perfect Christmas dress for me. Although I did not finish sewing it up before the actual day, I had the pleasure of wearing it a few days later. I have to say I felt very elegant and classy in the dress which has a lot to do the fabric I used. I have come to believe that red compliments me a lot and I am embracing it.

Deer and Doe Magnolia Dress sewing pattern review


I used a triple crepe fabric which was generously gifted to me by Fabric for All. Fabrics for all is a family-owned business located in Leeds. It stocks an amazing range of beautiful fabrics which makes it worth a visit. However, It also has an online presence should you prefer shopping online. As a member of Fabrics for All blogger team, I am given fabric every month to review.

The pattern recommends drapey fabrics ranging from crepe, rayon twill, cotton twill to batiste. I decided to go with the gorgeous triple crepe fabric mostly because I wanted a red dress for Christmas. I did not know what to expect from a triple crepe fabric but I was pleasantly surprised. It is a medium-weight fabric with a good amount drape which made it perfect for the pattern. I used 3 metres of this fabric for my version although the pattern recommends 4 metres. The fabric washed brilliantly well and hardly creases which makes it easy to manage.

Deer and Doe Magnolia Dress sewing pattern review

The Magnolia dress pattern

I chose to make the Deer and Doe Magnolia dress sewing pattern for my Christmas dress because it is a well-loved pattern in the sewing community. This pattern is a mock-wrap dress which features two versions. Version A has a plunging neckline, maxi skirt with a slit, and long sleeve and Version B has a regular neckline, short skirt, and butterfly sleeves. This pattern also comes in sizes  34 to 46 for printed patterns and sizes 34 to 52 for the PDF version.

Here is the video where I review this pattern if you would rather watch it than reading.

The making

The magnolia dress is suited for a confident beginner or an intermediate sewist, It has many pattern pieces to sew together which makes it a rather slow make. However, all the work needed to sew it up helps with achieving a good fit. The instructions are well written out and quite easy to follow.

I sewed up my version size 36 throughout without needing to blend into other sizes. I also opted for version A which is the maxi version with front silt and long sleeves. However, I altered the neckline a bit for more coverage. I also make a few more alterations to the dress.


  • I did a swayback adjustment to the back bodice piece.
  • Shortened the silt by four inches which still came up to two inches about the knee.
  • The finished dress was floor length which was quite long for me even with some heel on. so I shortened the hem by three and a half inches.

Finished Garment

I am very happy with how the Deer and Doe Magnolia dress turned out. I am happy to make this dress again but not so soon as I needed enough time for it. Thank you Fabrics for All for this gorgeous red fabric. Thanks for stopping by until next time ...

Deer and Doe Magnolia Dress sewing pattern review
Deer and Doe Sirocco Jumpsuit Sewing Pattern Review

Deer and Doe Sirocco Jumpsuit Sewing Pattern Review

When the Deer and Doe Sirocco jumpsuit came out early in the year, it was embraced by a number of people in the sewing community. I was not about to miss out on the opportunity considering how much I love jumpsuits. I decided to sew up this amazing jumpsuit out of a knit fabric which I was gifted to by Fabrics for all. Fabrics for all is on a family-owned fabric store located in Leeds with an online presence too. And as a member of their makers’ team, I receive fabric every month in exchange for a blog post.

Deer and Doe Sirocco  jumpsuit

The Fabric

Jersey fabric with 60 per cent stretch is recommended for this pattern. I chose this gorgeous colourful viscose fabric for the jumpsuit. I was under the assumption that viscose jersey is a lightweight fabric. However, this particular one is medium weight and quite flowy too.

 deer and doe Sirocco jumpsuit

This Fabric sewed up well without any issues on both my sewing machine and overlocker. And It was such a pleasure working with it because it washed and ironed pretty well too.

Fabric recommendations for the Sirocco jumpsuit

The Pattern

The sirocco pattern is a mock-wrap jumpsuit which comes in two versions: version A a jumpsuit which features tapered legs and version B which is a romper. It comes in a number of sizes ranging from 34 to 46. And I cut out size 36 for the bodice which I blended into size 38 to both the band and trouser pieces. In hindsight, I should have cut out size 36 throughout the pieces.

Sirocco jumpsuit

The making

I sewed up the Sirocco jumpsuit using mostly my overlocker and only used my sewing machine to reinforce a few seams. I also used my coverstitch machine for the hems which sewed up really well too.

After I had put the jumpsuit together I realised that that the fit was quite big on me. And I spent a considerable amount of time adjusting almost every piece before achieving the best fit.


  • Made a swayback adjustment to the back bodice piece.
  • Shortened the trouser legs by 3 inches considering the hem is meant to be folded over. I preferred to have mine coming up to the ankle which I found to be smarter.
  • Took out a considerable amount of excess fabric from almost every side seam and some from the inner leg seam too.

If for any reason you prefer watching the review instead, here is the youtube video where I review this jumpsuit.

The finished project

Despite the numerous alterations I made, it came out exactly as it appears on the pattern in the end. I love the final fit I achieved and I can say that this jumpsuit is a secret pyjama. It is not tight in any areas while keeping a good fit and look.

Deer and doe Sirocco jumpsuit

I will definitely be making another Sirocco jumpsuit since I have transferred all the alterations to the pattern pieces. And my recommendation to anyone planning to sew up this jumpsuit is to consider sizing down if using fabric that has more than 60% stretch.

Thank you for stopping by…

Deer and Doe Sirocco Jumpsuit

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