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If you sew your own clothes, I am sure you know what Me Made May is. However, if you don’t, no worries I have got you. Me Made May was started by SOZO from So, Zo What do you know. It is a personal challenge among sewists, knitters, crocheters (basically anyone who makes items they wear) to wear their handmade items more often throughout the month. The challenge is meant to encourage makers to develop a better relationship with their handmade wardrobe. Everyone is free to set their specifications on how they intend to go about it. Majority of the participants go ahead and document it on their social media especially over on Instagram.

This is the third time I have taken part in Me Made May, however, it is just this time that I have been able to document what I have won every single day. I have done this daily on my Instagram Page and also a weekly roundup on my Youtube channel.

Here is a playlist of my Me made may videos from my Youtube channel if you prefer to watch.

I was on the fence about taking part until the first day mostly because the whole world has been on lockdown. I rarely look that presentable if I am staying home with nowhere to go. However, I took the plunge and I have successfully worn either an item or complete handmade clothes for the entire month of May. I should say May is also my birthday month (1st May).

Here is a round up of what i wore the entire month grouped into weeks.






This challenge is meant to help you develop a better relationship with your handmade wardrobe, however, it also highlights the gaps you have in your wardrobe. It also helps you identify what you may need to improve in regards to your handmade wardrobe. By the end of the challenge, I have identified two key areas I need to put more attention to.

Firstly, I need to deep my toes into jeans making. A well-fitting pair of jeans is an item I struggle to find in the stores and when I do they are quite expensive. I realised when I wore a blouse or top, I could only pair it with my RTW jeans. I have recently purchased the Meghan Nielsen Ash Jeans sewing pattern which is a step in the right direction.

Secondly, I plan to be more intentional whenever I sew up separates such as a skirt or pants that I plan or sew up an item I would be wearing it with. Unless I do this I will be left with wardrobe pieces I have spent time making but never wearing.

All in all, I have enjoyed taking part in me made may and I can not wait for next year. Did you take part in Me Made May? And if so, what lessons have you learnt from the challenge?

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Meghan Nielsen – Flint Pants Sewing Pattern Review

Meghan Nielsen – Flint Pants Sewing Pattern Review

I am back again with another sewing pattern review. I am slowly easing into pants making which is one of my sewing goals of 2020. You can access my 2020 sewing resolutions video in the sidebar of this website or over on my Youtube channel. I also had a goal to sew more separates which I have also done with these Meghan Nielsen Flint pants. I know you are more interested in knowing how I got along with making them.

Meghan Nielsen Flint Pants

Here is the video where I review this pattern and the fabric in detail if you would rather watch it instead.

The Fabric

I used a paisley print stretch cotton fabric for these pants which was perfect for the project. It washed and ironed really well and I honestly can not fault it at all. I was sceptical about my choice of fabric as I thought that these culottes required a more drapey fabric. However, upon looking at the fabric recommendations for the pattern, I realised that they are drafted for both stable and drapey fabrics. So I went ahead and sewed them up.

The fabric I used was generously gifted to me by Fabrics for All in exchange for a blog post reviewing it. This is a continued arrangement I have with Fabrics for All as a member of their blogger’s team. Currently, the physical shop is locked however Sarah (the owner) continues to process orders made both online and by phone. This is the best way we can continue to support small businesses which may suffer during this lockdown.

Meghan Nielsen Flint Pants

The Pattern

The Flint pants are wide-leg cropped pants or shorts pattern with a unique crossover closure at the side seam. Pattern sits on the natural waist and features hidden closure at the left pocket. It features release tucks at the front, darts at the back, slash pockets and two waistband options.

Meghan Nielsen Flint Pants

The pattern comes in four views. View A is a pair of above ankle cropped pants with button closures. View B is a pair of above ankle cropped pants with tie closure. View C is a pair of shorts with button closures. View D is a pair of shorts with tie closures.

Meghan Nielsen Flint Pants

This pattern sizing ranges from 0 to 20 in both print or digital PDF versions. And the curve sizes which are from sizes 14 to 30 are only available in digital PDF version.

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The Making

I sewed up view A these pants in size 2 after making the toile in size 4 which was big. The making of these pants was pretty straightforward thanks to the well-written instructions. However, I still needed to make a few alterations because I rarely get a pattern to fit straight out of the envelope.

The first alteration I made was removing the release tucks at the front. This was mostly because they were likely not to sit flat with the fabric of choice. And also I did not need them for fitting purposes. A detailed tutorial on how to remove the tucks can be found on Meghan Nielsen’s blog.

Meghan Nielsen Flint Pants

The swayback Adjustment was the other and most important alteration i made to this pattern. It gave these pants an overall perfect fit. It was my first go at making a swayback adjustment on pants. In the video mentioned above, I share in detail how I went about with this adjustment.

Meghan Nielsen Flint Pants

The Finished Garment

I love how these pants turned out. They fit perfectly well and the gorgeous fabric I used is the cherry on top. These won’t be my last pair as I am already planning on another. Thank you for stopping by and keep safe. 🙂

Meghan Nielsen Flint Pants
Meghan Nielsen Flint Pants

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