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Tutorial: Sewing Full Coverage Panties

Tutorial: Sewing Full Coverage Panties

Do you struggle to find panties that give full coverage? In this case, I am referring to briefs, hipsters and bikinis. If I am not going for thongs or G-strings, I would be more comfortable with my panties giving full coverage to my bum. However, that has been a dream of mine that had never been realised. I always went a size up when I bought panties, but still, I never achieved the coverage I was after. I embarked on a journey of sewing panties that I would be happy with.


I looked up panties sewing patterns that give full coverage and came across the Binkie panties pattern by Evie la Luve. This pattern is your everyday hipster comfortable panty. And It is meant to give good coverage over the bum and with the leg opening sitting low on the hip.

Binky Panties by Evie la Luve

I also decided to draft a panties pattern using my body measurements with the help of the Bluprint class Sewing Panties: Construction and Fit by Beverly Johnson. This is a detailed class which shows you how to properly draft and sew a custom panty which flatters any body size and shape. It also offers design features such as adding lace embellishments and various styles.

Here is the video where I discuss in detail the fabric, patterns and elastics that I used.

Fabric and Elastics

The video below is a sew-along of the panties where I show you how I constructed the Panties and how I sewed up with the various elastics.

The Finished Project

In the video below, I review the two panties patterns: the binky panties pattern and self-drafted one (using the Bluprint class).


I succeded at sewing up panties that fit me well and are very comfortable to wear. Both patterns gave me good coverage, however, the self- drafted pattern gave me the perfect fit. This is because It was made using my personal measurements.

Are you inspired to sew up your own panties?

Thanks for stopping by!

Josie xx

Sewing panties tutorial

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