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Sybil Illusion Skirt by Love Notions

Sybil Illusion Skirt by Love Notions

The Love Notions Sybil Illusion Skirt is the only skirt sewing pattern you will ever need. It is your go-to beginner-friendly skirt pattern meant for knit fabrics. This pattern comes with 7 variations catering to different styles and needs. It can either be dressed up or dressed down all depending on the fabrics you choose to use. I have made two already and I see more to come.

The Sybil Illusion skirt pattern is on a re-release sale at $5 today only (Friday 9th July 2021) and It will be at 30% off throughout the weekend. I am both a pattern tester and an ambassador with Love Notions patterns. This means that any purchases you make using the Love Notions patterns links I share on here earn me a small commission which goes to support this website. However, this comes at no extra cost to you and you are under no obligation to use them.

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I have shared a tutorial on how to sew and fit the pencil skirt variation of the Sybil skirt collection on my youtube channel. if you require some hand-holding while you sew your version, here is the video for you to follow along.

Pattern Description:

The Sybil Illusion Skirt Collection is drafted for knit fabrics and with 7 variations: pencil, a-line, swing, drop yoke with swing, gored, asymmetrical wrap, and pleated. And all versions in this collection, with the exception of the drop yoke, come with both knee and midi length options and inseam pockets. All skirt waistbands can include the optional hidden control panel or a yoga-style waistband with no closures needed.

Pattern Features

  • Meant for knit fabrics
  • 7 styles: pencil, a-line, swing, drop yoke with swing, gored, asymmetrical wrap and pleated
  • 2 lengths: knee and midi
  • Optional inseam pockets
  • Optional hidden control panel
  • Yoga style waistband

Pattern Sizing:

This pattern has just had an update in sizing and it now comes in sizes XS up to 5XL. I made my two skirts in both sizes XS and S. I made the pencil skirt in size XS at the waist that I blended into size S at the hips. And I went for size XS for the swing skirt throughout because it was not fitted at the hips requiring me to blend into a bigger size.

Were the instructions easy to follow?

The instructions were very easy to follow and that is why I would also recommend this pattern to a complete beginner.

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?

I like that this Sybil skirt pattern sews up pretty fast with no closures and elastic but only requiring a yoga waistband. Most features can be assembled with just 3 pieces if you choose to omit the pockets.

Fabric Used:

The Sybil skirt pattern is recommended for knit fabrics ranging from light to heavy-weight fabrics depending on the variation you choose. Some variations require drapey and light-weight fabrics such as rayon /viscose jersey, cotton jersey, cotton interlock, or ITY whereas some might require more stable and heavier fabrics such as Scuba, Ponte, and French Terry.

I used two variations of Scuba fabric for my two skirts. I used a more stable Scuba for the pencil skirt and a Crepe Scuba with some drape for the swing skirt.

Pattern alterations or any design changes you made:

I needed to take in the Pencil skirt at the sides and I would advise that you fit on the skirt first before attaching the waistband. I share the fitting process in the video linked in this post above.

The knee-length swing skirt came off a bit short for me because I have long legs. I omitted to turn the hem up by an inch and instead used a narrow rolled hem to finish off the hem of the skirt.


I love the two Sybil skirts I have made so far and they are sure to get loads of wear. I do not have an idea why it has taken me this long to sew up this pattern having owned it for a few years. I would recommend this pattern to anyone who wants to have a go at sewing a skirt, which includes a complete beginner because it comes together so fast and easily. Will you be picking up the Sybil Illusion Skirt during the sale?

Thank you for stopping by. x

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La Bella Donna by Love Notions – Winter and Summer Versions

La Bella Donna by Love Notions – Winter and Summer Versions

I recently made the Love Notions La Bella Donna pattern for the very first time during a pattern testing process. I really loved the tunic version I made and I knew it was not going to be my last. I wrote a pattern review of the La Bella Donna sewing pattern then. Today, I am sharing with you how this pattern can be worn in both warm and cold seasons.

Here is the La Bella Donna Pattern review post

La Bella Donna Sewing Pattern

 I have been a pattern tester with Love Notions for over two years and recently became an ambassador. This means that any purchases you make using the Love Notions patterns links I share here earns me a small commission which supports this website. This comes at no extra cost to you.

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The Fabrics

I Chose two different fabrics: a cotton jersey for the warm weather and the sweater knit for the cold or winter months. I realised that the fabric chosen for the La Bella Donna greatly contributes to the fit and shape of the final garment. I sewed up my first version in a viscose jersey which was a drapey fabric which gave a close fitted look.

I made my second version in a white cotton jersey for a classic Look however it came out more boxy than the first. This has a lot to do with the cotton jersey being less drapey compared to Viscose jersey. It also gave it a loose fit which I was tempted to take in but I decided to leave it at that. The loose fit pairs well with tight jeans.

My third version is a tunic version with a cowl neck and long-sleeves. I sewed it up out of two different sweater knit fabric with different shades of grey. I had no intention of a colour-blocked one however it turned out better than I had envisioned. I was not sure of the fibre content of both of the fabrics because I have had them in my stash for a while. The dark grey fabric was scratchy which I suspected to have some wool content whereas the lighter grey one was soft to the touch. That is why I opted to use the soft one for the cowl and the sleeves because i intend towearit with a top underneath.

The Making

I made all my three versions in size XS. This pattern is such a quick make which can be made up in one sitting. I sewed most of it up using my overlocker/serger and used my coverstitch machine for the hems.

The Finished Garment

I love my new La Bella Donna tops and it is about to become a wardrobe stable of mine. The pattern can be worn throughout of the year depending on the features and fabric chosen.

Thank you for stopping by. xx

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Summer is finally here! If you don’t live in the southern hemisphere. what I love most about this time of the year, is the amount of sewing inspiration everywhere; on the highstreet, Pinterest and of course other people’s makes on Instagram. I have decided to come up with a series of posts I have called ‘sewing for summer’. I will be focusing on an individual piece of clothing and sharing with you my tried and tested patterns. So today’s focus will be jumpsuits and rompers.

I will be sharing with you four of the jumpsuits patterns I have sewed up and love. I will also show you their lines drawings, the special features and of course the pictures of my makes.

Sunday Romper by Love Notions

The Sunday romper pattern by Love Notions is a newly released pattern which I had the pleasure to test. I can not tell you how much I love it and it comes with 5 variations. I have sewed up the romper and the knee-length version already.

  • Size range: 0-32
  • Variations: 5 which include 3 pants lengths options- shorts, cropped & full length and 2 skirt lengths – knee & full length
  • Features: Dolman & tank bodice options
  • Fabric: Light to medium weight knits such as rayon/viscose jersey, cotton jersey, modal and cupro
  • Skill level: Confident beginner
  • Bonus: Full Bust pattern pieces included
  • Format: PDF

I have reviewed this pattern on both here on the blog and over on my Youtube channel if you would like to read or watch it.

Sirocco Jumpsuit by Deer and Doe Patterns

The Sirocco jumpsuit is mock-wrap knit jumpsuit with short set-in sleeves and pleated pants. It is greatly loved in the sewing community. I have made the jumpsuit version already and I have another one planned out.

  • Size range: 34 to 46 (printed) and 34 to 52 (PDF)
  • Versions: Two – Version A has tapered legs, version B is a romper.
  • Features: Mock -wrap and short set-in sleeves.
  • Fabric: Jersey fabric
  • Skill level: Intermediate
  • Availability: Both paper and PDF.

I have reviewed the sirocco jumpsuit in a blog post over here and over on my Youtube channel here.

New Look 6446

The New Look 6446 is one from the big 4 which is a favourite of many. We both know that getting the right fitting with the big 4 patterns it is not the easiest thing. But once you get it right, you are sure to sew it up more than once. And I have made this pattern twice already.

New Look 6446
  • Size range: 6-18 (UK), 2-14(US) & 34-46(EU)
  • Variations: 4 which include a jumpsuit, a playsuit, a knee-length dress and a maxi.
  • Features: Sleeveless and squared neckline.
  • Fabric: Woven fabrics such as cotton, chambray, lawn, linen, corduroy, denim
  • Skill level: Intermediate
  • Availability: Paper

I have reviewed this pattern over here on my blog.

Zadie jumpsuit by Paper Theory Patterns

The Zadie jumpsuit is relaxed and easy to wear jumpsuit. It wraps around the body with just strings with no need for zips or buttons. Which is a win for any sewist who would rather skip those steps. I made the sleeveless version in a tie and dye Ankara / African wax print fabric.

Zadie Jumpsuit
  • Size range: 6 -28
  • Versions: 2 included; sleeveless with dropped shoulders and 3/4 sleeves.
  • Features: Wrap which fastens with ties and wide legs.
  • Fabrics: Woven fabrics such as cotton, linen
  • Skill level: Advanced beginner
  • Format: PDF

I share my review of the Zadie jumpsuit in this video over on my Youtube channel.

I love all the jumpsuits I have made and they all offer unlimited possibilities. They can all be dressed up or down which is greatly determined by the fabric you choose. Have you made any of the patterns show before? If not, which one would you like to have a go at making?

Thanks for stopping by. xx

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If you sew your own clothes, I am sure you know what Me Made May is. However, if you don’t, no worries I have got you. Me Made May was started by SOZO from So, Zo What do you know. It is a personal challenge among sewists, knitters, crocheters (basically anyone who makes items they wear) to wear their handmade items more often throughout the month. The challenge is meant to encourage makers to develop a better relationship with their handmade wardrobe. Everyone is free to set their specifications on how they intend to go about it. Majority of the participants go ahead and document it on their social media especially over on Instagram.

This is the third time I have taken part in Me Made May, however, it is just this time that I have been able to document what I have won every single day. I have done this daily on my Instagram Page and also a weekly roundup on my Youtube channel.

Here is a playlist of my Me made may videos from my Youtube channel if you prefer to watch.

I was on the fence about taking part until the first day mostly because the whole world has been on lockdown. I rarely look that presentable if I am staying home with nowhere to go. However, I took the plunge and I have successfully worn either an item or complete handmade clothes for the entire month of May. I should say May is also my birthday month (1st May).

Here is a round up of what i wore the entire month grouped into weeks.






This challenge is meant to help you develop a better relationship with your handmade wardrobe, however, it also highlights the gaps you have in your wardrobe. It also helps you identify what you may need to improve in regards to your handmade wardrobe. By the end of the challenge, I have identified two key areas I need to put more attention to.

Firstly, I need to deep my toes into jeans making. A well-fitting pair of jeans is an item I struggle to find in the stores and when I do they are quite expensive. I realised when I wore a blouse or top, I could only pair it with my RTW jeans. I have recently purchased the Meghan Nielsen Ash Jeans sewing pattern which is a step in the right direction.

Secondly, I plan to be more intentional whenever I sew up separates such as a skirt or pants that I plan or sew up an item I would be wearing it with. Unless I do this I will be left with wardrobe pieces I have spent time making but never wearing.

All in all, I have enjoyed taking part in me made may and I can not wait for next year. Did you take part in Me Made May? And if so, what lessons have you learnt from the challenge?

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Burda 03/2019 #103 Pattern Review

Burda 03/2019 #103 Pattern Review

I am was overjoyed when I was chosen to join the Fabrics for all blogger team. he first time I set foot into the Fabrics for all shop, located in Armley, Leeds, I was amazed by the different and beautiful range of fabrics.  For any sewists out there, we know the feeling we get when we step into such a place. I chose a gorgeous cotton fabric to sew up my very first pattern from the Burda Style Magazine.

burda 03/2019 #103

The Fabric

The fabric I chose was a 100% cotton fabric which is lightweight and perfect for the warm weather. It is bright red fabric with beautiful flowers in brown and green that caught my eye. This fabric is pretty lightweight that it could easily be mistaken for a viscose because of its feel on the skin. It is perfect for sewing lightweight blouses, tops and dresses too (but would need to be lined).

This fabric washed really well and I noticed it had a unique texture to it once it had dried before it was ironed. It took on heat pretty well too.

The Pattern

I had made plans to sew up the blouse pattern 03/2019 ~103 Burda Style magazine but I was yet to find the perfect fabric. And when I did, I knew I was ready to undertake my very first sewing project from the Burda style magazine.

This pattern comes in sizes 36 to 44 and I made size 36. And it features overcut shoulders and set-in mini sleeves, a flattering V-neckline and a belt. It is a loose-fitting blouse which can be worn with either the belt or without.

The making

I will not say the making was straight forward when it came to tracing out the pattern from a maze of a pattern sheet from the magazine. It is also worth noting that the patterns from this magazine do not come with any seam allowances. I had to add the seam allowances to the traced out pattern prior to cutting out the fabric.

burda 03/2019 #103

The sewing process was straight forward even with the less detailed instructions in the magazine. And this is due to the simple pattern I chose which did not have any closures of any kind.

The only alteration I made to the pattern was omitting the belt loops on the top and the use of a fabric-covered belt buckle. Apart from that, I sewed it up as per the instructions.

burda 03/2019 #103

The finished project

The finished blouse looked exactly as it appears in the magazine and I was thrilled with the final outcome. I am glad I had a go at making a pattern from the magazine considering the many and fashion-forward patterns this magazine has to offer.

burda 03/2019 #103

Thank you for stopping by.

burda 03/2019 #103

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