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Four Prisma Dresses by Love Notions

Four Prisma Dresses by Love Notions

I have in the past not sewed up a single pattern more than twice because there are so many patterns to try. This changed when I first sewed up the Love Notions Prisma dress which has become my tried and tested little girls dress pattern. It offers many mix and match options while being a great scrap busting project too. It can be made up as either a casual or dressed up dress depending on the fabrics used.

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I am both a pattern tester and an ambassador with Love Notions patterns. This means that any purchases you make using the Love Notions patterns links I share on here earn me a small commission which goes to support this website. However, this comes at no extra cost to you and you are under no obligation to use them.

Prisma Dress Sewing Pattern

Pattern Features

  • Girls size 2T – 16
  • Three neckline options: scoop, Peter Pan collar and button boatneck
  • Three sleeve lengths: short, elbow and long
  • A-line, drop-waisted flare of pleated skirt
  • Two-pocket styles
  • Recommended for a confident beginner

The Fabric

This pattern is recommended for Knit fabrics such as cotton jersey, rayon jersey, Ponte, ITY, Liverpool and Scuba. However, if you are sewing the pleated skirt, a more stable knit is recommended.

The Making

I sewed up four dresses for my daughter using the Prisma Sewing Pattern and I have played around with various fabrics and features.

I sewed up size 6 for version 1 with the bodice lengthened to size 7. And I went for size 7 for the rest which I lengthened by two inches. I added an inch to both the bodice and skirt pieces.

Version 1

I went with a scoop neck and short sleeves for this version. I used cotton jersey fabric pieces which were leftover from previous projects. I did not have enough fabric for the flared skirt and I instead gathered the skirt. I used an elastic (braided) to gather the fabric which gave it more even gathers.

Love Notions Prisma dres

Version 2

This version was her Christmas day dress and I wanted to make it more festive. I went with a scoop neck, elbow-length and flared skirt options. I used stretch velvet fabric for the bodice and gold sequined fabric for the skirt. The Gold sequined fabric is a woven fabric which I lined with gold satin fabric.

I was confident to use a woven fabric for the skirt because it has a dropped waist which does not need to fit over the body. This pattern allows for woven fabrics that match the stretch bodice fabric.

Version 3

This is a flared skirt version with elbow length and a boat neck. The boatneck option comes with buttons for easy access. I opted for plastic snaps for my version which are way easier than sewing buttonholes on jersey fabric. I also used a cotton jersey fabric in a ballerina print from Minerva.

Version 4

This was made out of an animal-print cotton jersey fabric I bought from Fabrics for all. I went with a flared skirt, elbow-length and a scoop neck. This version was the fastest to make because it was basic with no complicated options.


I love all the versions of the Prisma dress I have made and I know there are more to come. This pattern offers very many options to work with ranging from the pattern features to prints and types of fabric you choose. I hope you will give the Prisma pattern a go.

Thank you for stopping by. xx

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Compose Robe by Love Notions

Compose Robe by Love Notions

Everyone needs a robe in their wardrobes. I thought I should put it out there before I tell you all about the newly released sewing patterns by Love Notions. Love Notions has just released the Compose robe for ladies and /he Compose kids robe. Both these patterns are on release sale until 07/12/2020. The Compose robe can be sewed up for Christmas presents for both kids and the ladies in your lives. How timely is this pattern release!

I am both a pattern tester and an ambassador with Love Notions patterns. This means that any purchases you make using the Love Notions patterns links I share on here earns me a small commission which goes to support this website. However, this comes at no extra cost to you and you are under no obligation to use them.

Pattern Description

The compose pattern is drafted for both children and Ladies. Unfortunately, there is none for the men but I am so sure you can hack the pattern to sew up for them too.

Compose Pattern Line drawing


  • Two lengths; knee and calf
  • Hood and band options
  • Optional patch pockets
  • Meant for both knit and woven fabrics.
  • Bonus compose hair wrap pdf pattern included

Pattern Sizing

Compose Kids robe comes in size 2T-16.

Compose robe (Ladies) and all sizes come with full bust pieces.

Were the instructions easy to follow?

The instructions are well-written and so easy to follow by a confident beginner.

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?

This pattern is recommended for both knit and woven fabrics ranging from light to heavyweight such as French Terry, Fleece, Waffle knit, Ponte, Double knits.

Fabrics Used

I made two Compose robes: a summery one in Viscose twill and a wintry version in cuddle fleece fabric.

Viscose Twill Fabric

I made a lightweight robe in a Camouflage Viscose twill fabric also known as rayon twill. I went with the collar version in this fabric however I skipped the pockets. This is mostly because the fabric easily slips and slides when working with it.

Bonus: the lightweight version can also double as a beach cover-up even better when made in a knee-length.

Cuddle Fleece fabric

My second version is the wintry version made out of an orange Cuddle Fleece fabric from Pounds Fabric, UK. This fabric is also known as Minky fabric. It was quite affordable considering I needed 3 metres for the project.

This version was made with the hood and the pockets. I am so happy with the final outcome, however, this fabric is not the easiest to sew up by any standards. This is because the pile on the fabric affects the way it feeds through the sewing machine.

Someone said to me that her sewing room looked like she had murdered a muppet from there after sewing up with Cuddle fleece fabric. Hahaha…

Tips on sewing with cuddle fleece fabric

These are my tried and tested tips which made the sewing process a bliss.

  • I used a walking foot which enables even feeding of both the top and the bottom fabrics.
  • Stretch / ball point needle size 90/14 is recommended and probably a brand new one.
  • Stitch length of 3.5 and above works best.
  • Lower presser foot tension of about 2.5 – 3 was perfect for me.
  • I also used long pins because they helped the hold the fabric together without shifting.

Pattern alterations or any design changes you made:

There were no considerable changes made to the pattern apart from raising the belt loops because I have a short torso.

Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others?

I have both my children asking for new robes already. I know I will be sewing up some for the kids. I recommend this pattern to anyone who can use a sewing machine.


I love the two robes I have made and this is a pattern that every sewist needs These robes would also make the perfect Christmas presents.

Thank you for stopping by. xx

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Breckenridge Henley by Love Notions

Breckenridge Henley by Love Notions

Here is a brand new Henley pattern with no buttonholes. Yes, you heard right. Love Notions has just launched the Breckinridge Henley sewing pattern which is sure to be a favourite of many. I am honestly not a fan of buttonholes but I can’t always avoid them. However, my sewing machine and I hate sewing buttonholes on knit fabrics. I have already made two tops from the Breckinridge Henley pattern and I don’t think they will be my last. My final version is in pink in honour of Pink October for Breast Cancer Awareness.

Here is a pattern review video if you would rather watch instead of read.

I am both a pattern tester and an ambassador with Love Notions patterns. This means that any purchases you make using the Love Notions patterns links I share on here earns me a small commission which goes to support this website. However, this comes at no extra cost to you and you are under no obligation to use them.

The Pattern

Breckenridge Henley sewing Pattern

Pattern Features

  • Size range XS – 5X
  • All sizes come with Full bust pieces.
  • Three variations; Shirt, tunic and dress
  • Three sleeved options: short sleeves, Longs sleeves with cuff or roll-tabs.
  • A button placket without buttonholes.
  • Open Henley neckline

The Fabric

The Breckenridge Henley pattern is recommended for knit fabrics with at least 40% stretch. And these include rayon/viscose jersey, cotton jersey, ribbed jersey, waffle jersey and French terry. I sewed up two tops in two different fabrics and it was clear that the fabric chosen determines the overall fit if the top.

I made my first version out of a Striped cotton jersey fabric which was generously given to me by Fabrics for All. I am a blogger for Fabrics for All and I am given fabric in exchange for a review. The stripe pink and yellow fabric is the perfect fabric for pink October which is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This fabric also comes in other colourways which are still in stock online. I really enjoyed sewing up with it because it is quite stable and has a good weight to it.

My second version was made with two viscose jersey fabrics. The main fabric is a floral red which I picked up from a local fabric store a few years ago. And the grey viscose jersey I used to colour block was a scrap fabric I had in my stash.

The Making

I sewed up both my versions in size XS he sewing process these tops was straight forward. The one part in the process which would be a bit of a challenge is sewing the placket but the instructions come with a video tutorial which simplifies that part.

For the pink top, I sewed up the long-sleeved version with the tabs. The cotton jersey fabric gave me a more relaxed and almost boxy fit.


  • I took in the top at the side seams for a more close fit.
  • I shortened the top by 1 inch mostly because I have a shorter torso compared to the rest of my body.

The red floral viscose jersey version was made with the short sleeves. The viscose fabric has more drape and fits better on the body. I did not find the need to take in this top because I was happy with the overall fit. This version was not shortened and it comes past my hips.

The finished projects

I am really happy with my final makes from this pattern. I am so sure these will not be my last. I hope to sew up the dress variation next with probably short sleeves. I hope you give this amazing pattern a go. You will not be disappointed. Thank you for stopping by. xx

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La Bella Donna by Love Notions – Winter and Summer Versions

La Bella Donna by Love Notions – Winter and Summer Versions

I recently made the Love Notions La Bella Donna pattern for the very first time during a pattern testing process. I really loved the tunic version I made and I knew it was not going to be my last. I wrote a pattern review of the La Bella Donna sewing pattern then. Today, I am sharing with you how this pattern can be worn in both warm and cold seasons.

Here is the La Bella Donna Pattern review post

La Bella Donna Sewing Pattern

 I have been a pattern tester with Love Notions for over two years and recently became an ambassador. This means that any purchases you make using the Love Notions patterns links I share here earns me a small commission which supports this website. This comes at no extra cost to you.

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The Fabrics

I Chose two different fabrics: a cotton jersey for the warm weather and the sweater knit for the cold or winter months. I realised that the fabric chosen for the La Bella Donna greatly contributes to the fit and shape of the final garment. I sewed up my first version in a viscose jersey which was a drapey fabric which gave a close fitted look.

I made my second version in a white cotton jersey for a classic Look however it came out more boxy than the first. This has a lot to do with the cotton jersey being less drapey compared to Viscose jersey. It also gave it a loose fit which I was tempted to take in but I decided to leave it at that. The loose fit pairs well with tight jeans.

My third version is a tunic version with a cowl neck and long-sleeves. I sewed it up out of two different sweater knit fabric with different shades of grey. I had no intention of a colour-blocked one however it turned out better than I had envisioned. I was not sure of the fibre content of both of the fabrics because I have had them in my stash for a while. The dark grey fabric was scratchy which I suspected to have some wool content whereas the lighter grey one was soft to the touch. That is why I opted to use the soft one for the cowl and the sleeves because i intend towearit with a top underneath.

The Making

I made all my three versions in size XS. This pattern is such a quick make which can be made up in one sitting. I sewed most of it up using my overlocker/serger and used my coverstitch machine for the hems.

The Finished Garment

I love my new La Bella Donna tops and it is about to become a wardrobe stable of mine. The pattern can be worn throughout of the year depending on the features and fabric chosen.

Thank you for stopping by. xx

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Lyric Dress by Love Notions – Pattern Review

Lyric Dress by Love Notions – Pattern Review

I am really excited about this gorgeous Lyric dress by Love Notions. I was gifted the beautiful Viscose Linen fabric by Fabrics for All to review as a member of their blogger team. It is your perfect summer dress and I know we have a few days to Autumn/Fall. I am a tropics girl who can be caught sewing a summery outfit in winter.

Here is a full video review of the Lyric dress

The Fabric

The viscose Linen fabric I used offers you the best of the two worlds. The viscose content offers the soft drape you would not get from 100% linen. The linen content adds body to the fabric making it perfect for dresses. This fabric washed well and the blend of both fibres made it an easy iron too. we can agree that neither linen nor viscose is an easy fabric to iron on their own.

Love Notions Lyric Dress Sewing Pattern

This pattern is recommended for medium weight woven fabrics such as Linen, Chambray, Rayon/Viscose and Cotton poplin.

The Pattern

The Lyric sewing pattern is both a dress and top pattern which comes with a coordinating girls’ Dolce dress pattern.

Love Notions Lyric Pattern

Pattern Features

  • Size ranges 0-24
  • Three lengths: peplum, knee & midi
  • Four bodice cup sizes A-D
  • Flared & gathered skirt options for dress lengths and a peplum top.
  • 6 sleeve options: sleeveless, short, flutter, bell and two lengths of bishop- elbow and full length
  • Patch pockets for the gathered skirt
  • Slash pockets for the flared skirt
  • Darts for shaping

More of my Love Notions sewing pattern reviews.

The making

This dress is recommended for a confident beginner and I guess because it has buttonholes to deal with. This is because they were a nightmare for me to sew this time round. The instructions are well-written and very easy to follow as usual. The additional video tutorial within the instructions helped with finishing the neckline very easy too.

I went with the knee-length, gathered skirt options with short sleeves. I sewed up size 2 throughout and with a cup size A.


  • I altered the gathered a bit to give me some soft gathers. The gathered skirt option is self-drafted with the measurements of each size included. I did not want heavy gathering at the waist considering my fabric was a bit on the heavier side. I did some maths and I eliminated a quarter of the total skirt width. I also lengthened the knee-length because it was coming off short considering the finished measurements.
Love Notions Lyric Dress Sewing Pattern
  • The gathered skirt option comes with patch pockets which I am not a fan of. I instead used a pocket piece from a pattern I have used before to create in-seam pockets.
  • I also added ties to the dress which attach at the side seams.

The Completed Project

I love this Lyric dress and i do not know why it took me this long to make it. I know I altered the pattern a bit but i guess that’s beauty with making our own clothes. This will not be my last and I hope to sew up the Dolce dress for my daughter in the future.

Love Notions Lyric Dress Sewing Pattern

Thank you for stopping by. xx

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